Our founding story
Overlooking the Ganga in India,
I heard the story of Ganesha for the first time, how he was the remover of obstacles — both internally and externally. As I dove deeper into my yogic studies in Rishikesh, I connected deeply with the teachings of Ganesha in that moment: how playful they were, how devoted, how they were tasked with writing our story of humanity, how they inhabited an untraditional form, how they could identify as non-binary.
To me, they reflected the sacredness of being my authentic and unique self, which often is distorted into otherness.
Inspired, I wanted to bring their wisdom and energy to a space where we could all heal and find joy, as the complex humans we are. That’s why I started GaneshSpace: to heal, to find community and to find a path towards collective liberation, together — regardless of what identities we may hold.
I hope that GaneshSpace is of benefit to you and that their teachings may inspire you as well.
with love,
Rishikesh, India

Who is Ganesha?

Learn more about the story of Ganesha, their teachings and why they are so revered.
Learn more about the story and teachings of Ganesha
Witness a Ganesha Puja with Founding Teacher Sunaina Madhav Dāsī
Chant and Listen to a Ganesha Mantra
Our Learning Journey
One of our core practices here at GaneshSpace is to honor our ancestors and reclaim spiritual traditions. One of the ways we do that is to reflect on how we can honor Ganesha and their teachings through our community and practice.
By using their sacred name for our space, we are committed to uplifting their teachings and the roots of yoga in Hinduism and Indian and South Asian communities.This is one of the many ways we are honoring the spiritual roots of the many different forms of mindfulness we practice and share in our community.

Honoring Ganesha and the South Asian Community

Led by Founding Teacher Sunaina Madhav Dāsī (they/them), we hope to share with the world how to culturally appreciate, not appropriate — and to discuss openly as a community how to navigate all the nuances that may arise when we share these practices in the west.

Seasonal Pujas and Bringing Ganesha in
Sunaina will be leading our community in seasonal pujas, honoring Ganesha and the other important spiritual holidays in Hinduism. These are great learning opportunities for all, regardless of whether you are Hindu or not. We are also committed to honoring Ganesha’s name and teachings when we create space to continue to honor them.
Uplifting Indian and South Asian organizations and teachers who are aligned with our mission

We are committed to donating all our proceeds from our seasonal pujas to support Indian and South Asian organizations. At this time, we are supporting Tom and Jerry Nursery School – JDC Sparsha in Bangalore, India and Save Transgender Hijrah Lives and Livelihoods.


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