This past year was one of our most challenging fundraising years — with the general decline and interest in social justice work from corporations and the world, we saw a steep decrease in our funding efforts. We need your help.


The world is hurting. We know you’re being asked to give widely right now. But we are asking because we know only you understand in the depths of your being, on a cellular level, how important it is for us to continue to hold the spaces we do to transform our internalized oppression into personal joy, community care, and social awareness.

We are the
Joyful Liberation Collective

Healing and transforming internalized oppression


We are a community of mindful changemakers who believe that our personal actions can lead to collective liberation for all — regardless of our race, gender identities, who we love or the shape of our bodies. We offer a diverse range of classes and support spaces through an intersectional lens to honor the many lived experiences we have.

Community Offerings

From compassionate conversations to pujas, join us in an upcoming community gathering to reflect on social justice. Our gatherings are always rooted in mindfulness, letting this powerful tool be a vehicle for internal and external change. All our community offerings are donation-based for accessibility.


Heal Yourself and Heal the World

Our membership is where mindfulness meets activism — and where you can build authentic connections with other compassionate changemakers. We offer resources on allyship and a wide range of mindfulness practices to serve your individual — and our collective — healing.


Our guided 8-week immersion program creates space for personal discovery, self exploration, and awareness-generating conversations around mindfulness and identity. If you’re feeling called to jumpstart an understanding of your role in oppressive systems and to explore the way you care for yourself and others through mindfulness, this program will support you in doing so.


We’re dismantling oppressive systems by changing the way we work. Companies, organizations and leaders like you want to see lasting, systemic change for marginalized communities and bothered individuals – starting with their internal workplace culture.

Don’t know where to start? Our workplace programming is crafted with the intention of creating a workplace that addresses systemic challenges head on so your team can walk away with ways to make lasting change.

Past Collaborators + Spotlights


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At Joyful Liberation Collective, we teach you how to take your practice and turn it into actionable mindfulness. Your financial contribution is not just a donation. It supports our community. It supports your practice. And it supports the world around us. Please consider making a contribution and adding us to any corporate giving program. Our EIN number is 87-1472371. All donations are tax-deductible.