Be Well.

At Work.

Bring Joyful Liberation Collective to your office.

I honestly didn’t realize how much I needed (a wellness program at work). I had no real expectations as to what the outcome would be after the 30 mins, but I felt as good as I have in a very long time. I felt relaxed and loose. There was a decrease in tension throughout my whole body. I felt like a “new me” once we were done.
With our programs, you can create the beginnings of a shift in workplace culture — one where everyone will be seen and heard, where equity is more than just a buzzword. You will:
  • Create more welcoming spaces that reduce harm throughout the organization at every level
  • Intentionally uplift marginalized voices to create more visibility and representation
  • Align the company’s values to its actions to create a deeper level of trust for its employees and customers
  • Embrace employee differences and create a sense of belonging with compassion and curiosity in the workplace

Well@Work Offerings

From workshops on microaggressions to 30-minute meditation sessions, we offer a wide breadth of offerings for your team and workplace, such as: Yoga, Meditation, Reflection Circles, Radical Rest, and Lunch and Learns.
We believe that providing sips of wellness through your work day will help alleviate mental health challenges and boost team morale. These offerings may seem small but can have a huge impact on someone who needs the additional space to process and breathe through any challenges they are facing when showing up for work.

Joyful Liberation Collective also offers DEI consulting and would be happy to support your workplace to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environment.

Contact us or email for a meet and greet listening session, or to inquire about a Well@Work program for your workplace.


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