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Mindful Changemakers Info Session
Learn more about our programs.
August 10, 2022
6p – 7p EST / 3p – 4p PST

Upcoming Offerings

Mindful Changemakers Info Session
Learn more about our programs.
August 10, 2022
6p – 7p EST / 3p – 4p PST

OMEGA Retreat

Join Founding Teachers Linda Lopes (she/her), Meesha Sharma (they/she),  Kim Thai (she/her) and Tisha Samuels (she/her) for a nourishing weekend retreat. Through embodied practice, personal reflection and community care, we will dive deep into where you are in your journey of social justice and mindfulness. We will look at how we can continue to work towards a loving and compassionate world where we are all free.

Who is this retreat for? 

This retreat is for anyone who is in the social justice space, looking to make a change or wants to be a mindful changemaker. It is someone who wants to be awake to the world around us and to move through it consciously and compassionately with the tools of mindfulness.

Where + When

This nourishing and inspiring retreat will be at OMEGA Institute on August 11-13. OMEGA is located in the beautiful, peaceful Catskills in upstate New York near the Hudson River. 


Tuition: $350 
Please note that housing costs are separate. Housing options: 

  • Camping: $270
  • Tent Single Cabin -Private Room/Shared Bath: $380
  • Dorm Single – Private Room/Shared Bath: $450
  • Double Cabin Room- Shared Room/Private Bath: $600
  • Single Cabin Room – Private Room/ Shared Bath: $630
  • Single Cabin Room – Private Room/ Private Bath: $760

What’s Included

Your tuition and housing costs cover all meals and amenities at OMEGA which includes: 
  • 3 delicious farm-to-table meals per day
  • Daily Open Classes in meditation, yoga, and tai chi
  • Canoeing, kayaking, and row boating
  • Pickleball, basketball and tennis
  • Extensive gardens, nature trails, and waterfront on our 250-acre campus
  • Access to Omega Art Bags, the Ram Dass Library, Sanctuary, Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL), and more

What to Expect

We’ll be diving into the mindful changemaker’s journey over the course of the weekend. This will follow the epic arc of the hero’s journey but looking at where you are in your social justice journey. Through embodied practice, group discussion, community care and personal contemplation, we will dive deeper on which cycle you are currently are and how to keep on working towards a loving, compassionate world and a future where we can all be free.


  • Afternoon arrival and check-in
  • Opening circle and breath
    • Contemplation: What does it mean to be a Mindful Changemaker?
  • Dinner 


  • Breakfast 
  • Morning session:
    • Contemplation: What obstacles and/or limiting beliefs are currently present on my Mindful Changemaker’s journey?
    • Panel discussion between Founding Teachers (Linda Lopes, Meesha Sharma, Kim Thai, Tisha Samuels) 
    • Yoga asana practice from Meesha Sharma (they/them) 
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon session:
    • Contemplation: How can I transform in the face of oppression? 
    • Group Reflection Circles
    • Radical Rest, a restorative session from Tisha Samuels
  • Dinner


  • Breakfast 
  • Morning session:
    • Contemplation: How do I take action in the world? How can I integrate my insight into my everyday? 
    • Large group shares
    • Personal action items 
    • Closing Drumming Circle from Linda Lopes and Mindful Walk from Kim Thai
  • Lunch/ Departure

Please email Kim at for any questions! We would love to be in community with you <3 

Change Your World

Join our 6-week mindfulness-based social justice training for all. Our program is offered as independent study and to be taken live with our teachers.

Monthly Gatherings

Our monthly Dharma Circle is a place to practice meditation, self-reflection and to be in community.

In partnership with Mindful Sights, our API Healing Space is for anyone who identifies as Asian and is looking for a sacred space to come home and connect with the self.

Practice, again.

From Black Joy to liberating the body, watch the replay of our Compassionate Conversations where we sit down with experts across the wellness, spiritual and social justice fields to dive deeper into the topics on equity.

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